The Residences At Brent – Baguio Real Estate and Condominiums

The Residences At Brent

The Residences at Brent is a Baguio Real Estate project that aims to provide customers with a real and unique experience of Baguio City. The Brent residences are located within a 12-hectare property, which was once part of Brent International School. Unlike other locations in the heart of the city, the property still offers a scenic view of the lush greenery, a feature which made Baguio a distinguished vacation haven for local and international tourists alike.

Brent Residences

The community at the residences is shielded from the chaotic city noise as it is surrounded by towering pine trees. Hence, one can truly experience blessings of relaxation provided by none other than nature itself. Nonetheless, residents of the community can indulge in the fun and excitement provided by the city’s historical and commercial attractions, which are only a few minutes away.

If you are looking for a truly magnificent place to stay, away from the stressful pressures of the busy urban settings, the Brent Residences is the ideal choice in Baguio.